Use Google services to help your fellow Milwaukeeans!

GDG@UWM DevFest 2019 is a one-day hackathon where participants get together with friends or new people and create something awesome! The goal will be for teams to build something using a Google service or technology (such as Angular, Firebase, Google Assitant, etc.) and within the theme of helping the Milwaukee community in some way.

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  • Participants:¬†Individuals (over 18 years in age); Must be a current university¬†student
  • Teams Size:¬†2 to 5 People


  • A Github link or zip file for any code
  • Screenshots if applicable
  • Presentation link if applicable

How to enter

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J. Dietenberger

J. Dietenberger

Praveen Madiraju

Praveen Madiraju

Judging Criteria

  • Technology
    Technical complexity and difficulty of the problem being solved.
  • Completion
    Portion of the project complete and the amount of working functionally.
  • Learning
    New technology, techniques, or tools team members were previously inexperienced with.
  • Design
    UX, navigation, and usability from a user standpoint.